Home Builders’ Associations and Chambers of Commerce across the country play an important role in the flourishing of local economies as they represent the industry to the government, and as they help to spotlight and encourage good workmanship. Each year, these organizations put on gala events to celebrate their members’ achievements, granting awards to the best of the field.

Over a series of months, we worked with the Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association to produce “Awardify”, an online awards system enabling HBAs, chambers, and other organizations to conduct their awards seasons entirely online. 

Administrators can create categories, set up entry fields and judging criteria, assign judges, and administer online payment. With web publishing tools, administrators can promote their awards seasons, gala events, and sponsorships, and share entrance requirements and category information.

For members, each category’s unique set of fields generates a user-friendly web form through which members can submit entries and pay online.

Judges evaluate the entries of assigned categories using a simple web UI, which automatically calculates scores according to each category’s criteria.

Awardify also offers “People’s Choice Awards” for associations who wish to invite public participation.

Awardify is mobile friendly in every regard from the admin system to the public website and members area. And built as an API-driven platform, Awardify is highly flexible and extendible.

It's a privilege to get to support the work of Marie and her team, and many like them, as they work for the flourishing of their communities!

Luke provided outstanding project leadership and communication throughout this entire process. He demonstrated great creativity in delivering on our objectives in a way that would work well for our members. And in the face of the many customizations we needed, he was able to accommodate us skillfully. When the time came to launch the website, Luke was very accessible, responding quickly, and offering excellent service to us and our members. This is such an exciting time for the WRHBA and Luke is to be commended for all his hard work and diligence in getting us to this point. Thanks for creating such an awesome website for us. All is greatly appreciated!

— Marie Schroeder (Waterloo Region Home Builders' Association)

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