What's the difference between a web "app" and a web "site"? Aren't web apps websites, too?

Yes. However, the difference is usually defined by who creates the content.

On a website, the organization who owns the website usually does most of the content creating. Marketing, blog posts, landing pages, staff profiles, etc. But on a web app, it is the users who fill the website with content. Like social media platforms and productivity tools.

A website that specializes in user engagement

A web app is the right choice when you are looking to move an important component of your operation online.

For example, here are a few web apps I have developed:

Built to match your unique objectives and workflows


You might need a web app if:

  • You have a large audience of participants who need to perform very specific actions.
  • You want to empower your users to act autonomously.
  • Your business model doesn't fit properly in any existing platform.
  • You need to ensure a high level of data sovereignty.
  • You need to provide "tools", not just a place to market your brand.

How I can help

I can help you devise a solid development plan.

We will think together about all the ways you are seeking to serve your customers, so that the end result will be efficient, reliable, and a delight to use.

I can design experiences your customers will love.

Like in any relationship, listening and empathy are essential. By studying your users’ behaviour, I can help you deliver experiences your users will love.

I can build tools to serve the way you work.

Rather than limping along with haphazard solutions, I can build tools for you that are unique to the way you work. The right tools will help you to work more efficiently and to thrive amongst your competitors.

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