Jon Kramer is one of those people who makes your life better just by being in it. Having been awarded one of the Province of Alberta’s marriage commissioner postings, he was in need of a website to market his services.

I worked with Jon to create a design that takes its lead from the website’s main imagery. The design is bright and clean, featuring large images and bold text to make it easy for couples to find the information they need very quickly as they prepare for their upcoming weddings.

Jon needed to display official government logos on his website and in print form. The Province only supplied fairly low resolution copies which are unsuitable for these uses, so I created vector replicas of the logos that can be exported at any size and used in any medium.

It is a pleasure to work with Jon, as I’m sure many happy couples will find out soon enough.

Luke was fantastic to work with in setting up a site for my work as a Marriage Commissioner with the Province of Alberta ( After an initial conversation, Luke was able to quickly lay out a basic format and structure for me. He has a great eye for design and the input/time needed on my end was very minimal to get things up and running. He communicates well - in plain language - and was able to easily guide me in getting personalized email working on my laptop and mobile as well. Whenever I've needed help or clarification on anything, Luke has been able to respond quickly and efficiently.

Luke also has some great tools available for customers to use during the site creation process as well as for ongoing maintenance and updating. Slick and seamless throughout.

I highly recommend Luke and Codigo!

— Jon Kramer

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