The Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association runs a large-scale awards season each year to celebrate the work of their 330+ member companies. This year GOHBA wanted to offer “People’s Choice Awards” to invite the general public to have their say.

To facilitate this, we developed a system that allows contest administrators to import finalist entries from their awards management system, bringing in each entry’s photos and relevant submission information. Entries are saved to a new database so that admins can prepare them for public presentation without affecting an entry’s original information. 

Once imported, entries can be added to voting rounds. Rounds are controlled by start and end dates, which allow them to open and close programmatically without requiring contest administrators to manage them.

We also developed a front-end website to showcase finalist entries and to facilitate voting. Voters have one vote to cast each round. Voter authenticity is controlled by requiring a voter’s name, email address, and postal code, and by recording the voter’s IP address (to guard against vote “bloating”). The website is fully responsive, even featuring device-specific layouts to ensure a good experience for every user, no matter the size of screen or device.

It was a pleasure to work with the GOHBA team! And it was a lot of fun to develop the highly specialized programming required to make this a seamless experience for voters and administrators alike. Since a Home Builders’ Association represents a significant portion of the region’s economy, it’s a privilege to get to serve organizations such as these.

Everyone is really happy! Thanks again for making this site so functional and beautiful!

— Nicole McCallion (Greater Ottawa Home Builders' Association)

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