By Luke Johnson
Feb 23, 2017
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Quick Summary ~ As a church kid, I've always wanted to help church-governance teams work better. And now here's my chance.

When I started working as a web developer several years ago, I wanted to help non-profit organizations (especially church-governance teams) to accomplish their work more easily, and to increase their ability to communicate effectively. The church-governance sector is notorious for slogging along with discouragingly outdated systems, of the kind that ignite eschatological hopes and make many an administrator cry, “Lord Jesus, come soon!”

Over the past few years, I’ve been glad to come alongside several church teams, putting intuitive tools in their hands to ease their administrative burden and to free up their time for their primary missional work.

Today I’m excited to be launching into a new level of church-governance service. Over the next 2 years I’ll be working closely with the National Church office of the Anglican Church of Canada to develop a system to enable Anglican dioceses and churches across Canada to gather and organize all the data necessary for facilitating parochial and diocesan life. With every parish and diocese in the country using one common system, dioceses and the National Church will have a much clearer picture of how their churches work, and much more consistent information with which to make their plans.

So, it'll be quite the long-haul. But I'm excited to see how this project might further ignite the imagination to spur on better use of church data.

I’m more than grateful to get to do some digital good.

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